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Economy and society are facing unprecedented change. Digitalization is leading to radical changes, people today have different expectations of their working environment and demographic trends are fueling the “War for Talents”. Modern corporate management must respond and shape the future accordingly.

With a fresh and science based approach – the LEaD Competence Model – we advise companies on the essential questions of leadership in the age of digital transformation.

An essential prerequisite for the future viability of enterprises is a cultural change from mere management to authentic leadership – to a corporate culture characterized by trust and openness, participation and agility.

It is important to find the balance between innovation and tradition, to manage the company “ambidextrously”. This requires a broad spectrum of special skills – the ability to reflect and the willingness to take risks, courage, openness and the enthusiasm to learn as well as authenticity and credibility.

Based on more than ten years of scientific work on these issues, we have developed LEaD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development), a holistic competency model for successful and effective leadership.

By utilizing the LEaD Competence Model, companies can systematically empower their managers and enable them to correctly assess, wisely reflect and specifically develop their skills. LEaD is development-oriented management diagnostics in an “evidence-based management approach” – LEaD is both diagnosis and measure development no longer in good faith, but on the basis of sound knowledge.

Together with you, we analyze the current leadership situation in your company, discuss your goals and determine your requirements as well as the resulting consulting needs. Based on the findings, we implement your individual LEaD Competence Model tailored specifically to your organization: